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Finance Your Pool Project!

There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a swimming pool. Financing or paying out of pocket are major factors. Luckily our dedicated team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals helps collaborate with you from start to finish, taking you step by step through the entire process until you and your family are swimming in your sparkling new pool. Many of clients (about 80%) finance their project. Here are the following companies we know are reputable and experienced to help YOU get the pool of your dreams!

  1. Lyon Financial: Unlike typical lenders, Lyon partners with you AND your contractor to ensure funds are disbursed on time and in full throughout the completion of your project. With 43 years of experience and over 500,000 satisfied customers nationwide. Lyon Financial can help bring all your backyard dreams to life!







2. Viking Capital: A family owned business with a clear mission, a dedicated team and more than 20 years of customer satisfaction. Two Brothers, Greg and Bill Powell, joined forces to fill a need in the Swimming Pool Industry for a one-stop-shop for desirable pool financing options and to eliminate the hassle for pool builders to offer financing to their customers. Viking Capital releases the funds directly to the customer. Keeping the customers in control of financing and eliminating any middle man. This also allows clients to work based on the contract shared with us!





3. Lastly another option to consider when financing your swimming pool project, is to consider speaking to your personal bank. Many banks have Home Refinance options (trading in your current mortgage for a newer one – often with a new principal and a different interest rate. Your lender then uses the newer mortgage to pay off the old one, so you’re left with just one loan and one monthly payment.) or HELOC  (a line of credit secured by your home that gives you a revolving credit line).

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