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Benefits of Swimming Pool Construction

Many homeowners who are shopping for a pool in 2022 wonder, ‘how much does a gunite pool cost’? The answer isn’t as simple to answer these days. When you imagine the ideal backyard oasis, an inground pool is nearly always included. It’s common knowledge that gunite sets the standard for luxury pools. Hence the high price tag associated with building concrete pools. The process and materials for building these types of swimming pools typically mean a longer build process but this doesn’t discourage homeowners who want a premium pool. Gunite pools are chosen for their versatility in addition to providing entertainment, refreshment, and recreation, they offer a touch of luxury to any outdoor environment.

Thousands of Americans are flocking to build gunite inground pools in response to a renewed emphasis on suburban life. Just as no two houses are the same price, no two pool designs are the same price. The entire cost varies greatly depending on the area, materials used, and any other features.

What To Know About Pricing a Gunite Pool

When it comes to budgeting for a gunite pool, size matters a lot. Pools are priced and sold by the square footage, and dimensions account for roughly 75% of the whole price.

Pools made of concrete and gunite look fantastic, and their prices reflect this. Unfortunately, there is no practical way to DIY a concrete or gunite pool, therefore you will not be able to save money by doing so. The cost of a turn-key gunite pool typically starts between $60,000 and $100,000.

Gunite Pool Maintenance

Gunite pool construction typically means larger than average pools made of premium materials, necessitating the use of more chemicals and electricity to maintain. They also require an acid wash every three to five years to eradicate algae and mold.

When deciding on the size of your gunite pool, consider the following:

How will you make use of the pool? If you intend to use it for swimming laps and other forms of exercise, you’ll need a larger pool. However, if it’s mostly designed for sunbathing and brief dips to cool off, a smaller size is generally sufficient. If you intend to install a diving board, the pool must have a deep end of at least eight feet.

Who will use the pool?

If it’s exclusively for adults, you can definitely go with a deeper pool overall, but if a mix of children and adults will be swimming, you may need to include a shallow end and zero-entry (beach-entry) access. If you have a larger family or intend to entertain visitors, you should make more swimming space a priority.

How much room is there?

Finally, the size of your pool will be determined by the size and suitability of your backyard. Before embarking upon a pool installation project check that there is enough space to fit not only the pool, but also the surrounding deck, patio, and landscaping.

We discuss how much a gunite pool costs in San Antonio and the pricing factors of inground pool construction
We discuss how much a gunite pool costs in San Antonio and the pricing factors of inground pool construction

Things to Consider When Building a Gunite Pool

Not every backyard is ready for a pool. If your lawn has significant drops or rises that necessitate leveling or the construction of walls, the costs might quickly mount. If you’re wondering whether your yard can support a pool or how much time and money will be required to prepare for excavation, consult with a pool builder.

Inground pools increase the value of a home, but you must do your research to determine whether it is worthwhile in your specific scenario. According to real estate experts, an inground pool can increase the value of a home by 5% to 8%. Consider the typical cost of your home as well as the average cost of installing a pool to assess whether this increased value is worthwhile.

A high-quality pool cover is a must-have for any pool. It not only protects your pool from the weather while not in use, but it also helps to prevent accidental drowning, lowers water evaporation, keeps trash out of the water, and preserves heat to reduce energy expenses.

To avoid unintentional drownings, several states and towns require pool owners to build safety barriers (fences or walls) around home swimming pools. Fences and walls should be at least four feet tall, preferably five feet or higher.

Some homeowners choose to include a hot tub or spa in addition to a swimming pool to enhance the outdoor living experience. If you want to use the pool early or late in the season, or if you simply like a consistently warmer water temperature, you should consider purchasing a pool heater. It’s an excellent method to extend the swimming season in San Antonio and make the most of your inground pool and spa.

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