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Pool Construction Checklist - Preparing for Building an Inground Pool

Pool Construction Checklist – Preparing For Building a Pool

For years, you may have secretly desired to build a swimming pool, or perhaps a 4th of July weekend spent by a friend’s pool has sparked the idea. In either case, there are a few things to think about before starting a pool construction project. At Element Pool Company in San Antonio, our expert pool builders explain the 10 most important factors you need to consider when determining if a swimming pool is a good fit for your family.

Before you ever embark upon a pool construction project, you need to prepare for building a pool by making sure you have all the bases covered before starting the project. This will help make sure that your pool installation goes off without a hitch and make for a more streamlined pool construction project overall.

Know The Rules Before You Start

Becoming familiar with your local zoning regulations before starting your pool construction project is always a good idea. Before meeting with a pool builder or even setting up a consultation, check to see if your property is in compliance with local zoning laws regarding the installation of a pool.

Pool Construction Checklist - Preparing for Building a Pool
Pool Construction Checklist - Preparing for Building a Pool

It’s also a smart idea to check with your HOA (if applicable) to see what their rules may be in regards to building a pool.

Pool Construction Checklist - Preparing for Building an Inground Pool

A gunite pool offers a more sophisticated and appealing pool structure than any other product on the market. Consequently, it remains a popular choice with pool buyers in San Antonio, TX.

Consider Which Type of Pool To Build

Consider the type of pool you want to be built. There are three main types of pools you can buy – Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass, and Concrete.

Concrete Pools Are a High-End Product

Here at Element Pool Company, we specialize in the construction of Gunite Pools which is a concrete pool shell and a more high-end luxury product. Versatile, durable and highly customizable, Gunite provides the best quality inground pool.

Decide whether or not to build a swimming pool after carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Budgeting For Pool Construction

It’s important to consider the budget you’re going to allocate to your pool project. Having a pool will provide years of enjoyment for your family. A pool can also be a great selling point when it comes time to sell your home, provided it is well-maintained. Investing in a high-end gunite pool is a no-brainer for many homeowners who prefer a higher quality product that will stand the test of time.

Don’t Forget The Add-Ons

Don’t forget about pool features, amenities and landscaping when planning a pool project. Water features, lighting, and other pool features, can add to the visual appeal of a swimming pool. A beautiful, yet manageable landscape around your pool also helps complete the entire backyard. It’s important to factor in additional costs when budgeting.

Shop Around For The Best Pool Builder

It’s always a good idea to shop around when choosing a pool builder. Start comparing pricing once you’ve started interviewing pool companies. This is where your attention should be focused, so proceed with caution. You should beware of low ball pricing that comes with a lot of fine print. Some contractors may not include everything in their original proposal.

Hire a Pool Builder You Trust With Your Vision

This is why it’s important to establish a relationship based on trust when choosing a pool builder – it helps avoid headaches later on. The construction of a swimming pool is no different from any other construction project. Hiring a reputable pool construction firm is essential if you want your pool to become the outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming of. Hiring a pool builder that understands your vision and has the ability to execute is essential.

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