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Gunite pools are incredibly popular today due to their shape adaptability and durability. As a result, gunite is the most prevalent pool material seen in many resorts and, more recently, residential and commercial pools. If you’re thinking about getting a gunite swimming pool for your own backyard, we invite you to investigate further to see if a gunite pool is the type of pool you’d like to build.

Gunite Pool Installation in San Antonio

As one of the leading installers of gunite pools in San Antonio, TX – we provide homeowners with a professional pool excavation and expert gunite pool installation of their concrete pool shell. Whether building a freeform or geometric shaped pool, building a stand-alone pool or adding on a spa, Element Pool Company specializes in the construction and installation of high-quality custom inground gunite pools.

What is a Gunite Inground Pool?

Gunite is a concrete blend of sand, cement, and water that is poured using a high-pressure hose and is known for its consistent structural strength. When gunite cures (dries), it hardens to form a thick, solid structure. Our expert pool builders will spray concrete on vertical surfaces and curves using a high-velocity air compressor “gun”. Material is shot out at an incredibly high speed compacting the material as it is applied. Gunite is commonly utilized in things like road tunnels, in addition to being a preferred choice for inground pool building.

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How Gunite Pools Are Built

The excavation of your pool area and the installation of the iron rebar will be the first steps in the installation of your new pool. To reinforce the construction, the rebar framework forms a grid around the perimeter of your pool and/or spa. The pool is ready for gunite now that the steel backbone is in place.

What Happens During Application of Gunite

Crews spray a high-velocity concrete blend onto the steel over the whole pool, creating the dense pool floor and walls. Gunite is highly adaptive to pool design; it provides flowing lines, varying curves, depths, and shapes—all of which combine to build a unified, visually appealing structure. As the pool builder sprays a thick coat of gunite around the rebar, you’ll start to see your idea come to life. After that, the gunite is polished and allowed to set.

Installing a Premium Plaster or Pebble Interior

After the gunite has fully cured, a third material is used to finish a gunite pool: plaster. The smooth blend, which is made of cement and marble dust, may also include colored quartz aggregate for increased durability and beauty. (A high-end pebble plaster or even glass tile interior may be utilized in some pools.) Plaster is what waterproofs a gunite pool, and it is this final coating that everyone sees as the pool’s glittering inner surface.

Adding The Finishing Touches

All of the tile, plumbing, electricity, and perimeter coping are also important components in the construction of a gunite pool. This high-quality method of pool construction distinguishes gunite pools from other methods of pool construction. Customers prefer the extraordinary durability and design versatility that gunite pools offer.

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Gunite Pool FAQ

Gunite and shotcrete are essentially the same material that is applied using a spray “gun,” making them perfect for curves, freeform patterns, and unique shapes. The gunite process is nearly identical to the shotcrete technique. The only true distinction between gunite and shotcrete is in how and where it is mixed: Gunite is delivered dry and is combined with water on-site just before being sprayed. Shotcrete, on the other hand, is delivered ready to use.

That’s really a yes and no answer. Gunite is composed of the same fundamental materials as concrete (sand, cement, and water), but it is used in a different manner: Traditional concrete is poured in pieces, resulting in “seams” where portions meet. Gunite is sprayed on with a special “gun,” resulting in flawless layers. A gunite pool is stronger than a concrete pool due to the lack of seams.

Gunite pools can crack due to improper gunite application and poor steel structure assembly. The only time gunite pools crack is when the pool construction is not correctly engineered or the gunite is not properly placed. All of our gunite applicators have been professionally trained and qualified in the installation of gunite pools. We also employ a high-strength 4:1 aggregate to cement mix, which is substantially greater than the industry standard, to ensure a sturdy installation.

A vinyl liner pool is typically the most affordable option for an in-ground pool. The primary objection most people have of a vinyl liner pool is that it feels just like the inside of an above-ground pool while you’re in it. There’s also the possibility of piercing the vinyl liner and triggering a leak. (This is something to think about if you have a dog who enjoys swimming.)

A fiberglass pool is almost as expensive as a gunite pool and in some markets even more expensive. The major benefit of fiberglass pools is that they can be installed quickly, often in as little as two weeks. The disadvantage of a fiberglass pool is that it is quite limited in terms of designs, sizes, colors, and depths. It is quite difficult to customize or add additional elements to a fiberglass pool.

A Gunite pool has the distinct advantage of being entirely configurable. Any size, shape, depth, and an infinite number of bespoke features are possible. The most exotic pool features available today (grottos, waterfalls, vanishing edges, perimeter overflow, and so on) are nearly entirely limited to Gunite pools. Another benefit of Gunite is that it “feels like a genuine pool,” as opposed to the inside of a bathtub or a kiddie pool. That is possibly why hotels, resorts, country clubs, and other enterprises favor Gunite pools for their facilities.

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