San Antonio Pool Construction

San Antonio Pool Construction

San Antonio Pool Construction experts Element Pool Company are the highly qualified pool installation professionals of choice in Bexar County. Our expertise in the design and construction of inground pools means a high-quality custom pool for our discerning clientele. As one of the leading pool builders in the local area, we specialize in the construction of gunite pools and service the entire San Antonio market. Learn more about our pool construction process.

Pool Construction in San Antonio

Pool construction in San Antonio is on the rise. Homeowners that want a personal oasis in their backyard are looking to improve their outdoor living environment. Installing a pool is a great way to add value and comfort to your home, especially given the limited options for travel these days. When assessing what type of pool you plan to build, get an expert involved.

Builders of Gunite Pools

The pool construction team at Element Pool Company specializes in all aspects of pool construction. This includes the design, planning, and engineering of your swimming pool as well as all other aspects and amenities in the backyard. Our firm specializes in the construction of gunite pools which provide a superior-quality and long-lasting pool shell that can be completely customized into virtually any shape you can imagine. As a builder of custom luxury pools, we specialize in creating unique outdoor living environments that cater to your unique lifestyle.

San Antonio Pool Builders

Pool Construction Experts Servicing San Antonio, TX

Hiring a Pool Construction Company in San Antonio

When considering which pool construction company to hire, it’s important to factor in all of the variables. The firm’s record of reliability for producing high-quality pool projects is important. How their previous customers felt about the work and their pool will tell you all you need to know about the builder you plan to hire. That is why we take our clients on a pool tour at their request.

Referrals Upon Request

We also will provide a list of customers that can provide you with a personal reference about our pool construction service on request. It is what differentiates our pool construction company from many other local firms in the San Antonio region.

Project Management & Communication

As you embark on the pool construction process it is vital to have good communication. The project management team at Element Pool Company specializes in working with clients during the installation of their pool. Having a dedicated point person assigned to your project who is transparent about how construction is going is a game-changer when building a pool.

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Pool Construction FAQ

There are multiple stages in the pool construction process. The exact stages of building a gunite pool (which is what we specialize in) are as follows:

The first initial stages involve permitting and layout of the pool/spa as well as any other outdoor amenities. After this occurs we can get started with the excavation of the pool area. We’ll form the area of where digging will occur and shape the pool to your desired dimensions. Heavy machinery will be brought in to excavate the location where your pool will be installed. This process is very exciting to watch and you may want to be there for “dig day”. It’s when the entire project becomes real and the process of you getting a pool goes from dream to reality.

The steel rebar installation, plumbing & electrical installation, and gunite application can all occur after your pool excavation has been completed. Once these phases of construction have been completed and inspected; tile and coping installation, as well as the deck installation, take place.

After these stages are completed, a plaster, pebble, or tile interior will be installed (to your preference). We then conduct a proper pool startup process and teach you to operate and maintain the pool equipment. This is an abbreviated Reader’s Digest version of the process, but gives you an overview of what is involved.

Your pool designer and project manager will help guide you through the exact process of what is involved as the project progresses. Bar none, this is what separates us from other pool construction companies in the local area.

Because gunite pools are custom pools with unique features and materials, the cost of building a concrete pool is typically more than that of a vinyl liner or a fiberglass pool. It’s unquestionably higher than an above-ground pool.

One key factor to consider is whether or not you’ll choose to include a spa. This popular add-on feature can normally increase the total cost of an inground swimming pool between 15% and 25% than the cost of the standard pool.

The size of your pool (often measured in perimeter feet), depth, shape, and design elements you choose will also impact the total price. This in conjunction with whatever pool features, equipment and technology options (e.g., pool automation) also play a factor in determining the cost of your pool. Ultimately, material choices and accessories (e.g., a pool slide or waterfall), construction and labor costs, and soil conditions are all determining factors in estimating the cost of a pool in San Antonio.

Determining how long your pool construction project will take involves getting an accurate assessment of building your pool and what other backyard elements we will be handling as part of the pool installation. In addition to the construction of pools, we also handle decking and the installation of outdoor amenities such as outdoor kitchens, pergolas, pavilions, fire pits, and more.

Typically most pool construction projects take between 12-14 weeks to complete, however, this timetable by no means constitutes an estimate on how long your specific project will take. Depending on the complexity and scope of work, the exact time table for construction might be more or less.

To finance a pool construction project is easy. We work with some of the most reliable lenders in the pool & spa industry. All well-qualified buyers can get financing for their pool construction project. Simply ask your Element Pool Company representative about our various financing options and we’d be happy to provide you with more information.

Getting financing for your pool construction project doesn’t have to be a chore. Working with Element Pool Company means you have access to our network of lenders who are able to get you the funds you need to build the pool you’re dreaming of. Contact us for more details about financing.

Recent Pool Construction Projects in San Antonio, TX

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