San Antonio Pool Excavation

San Antonio Pool Excavation

San Antonio Pool Excavation leaders Element Pool Company are the pool builders of choice for residential and commercial pool construction. Specializing in the excavation of inground swimming pools, we design and build gunite pools. As a leading design/build firm, we provide the expert planning and engineering of swimming pools & spas throughout Bexar county. Recognized industry professionals in the field of pool construction, we are a reliable and trusted partner for builders and landscape architects and the consultant of record on many pool excavation projects.

Pool Excavation in San Antonio

When it comes to excavating a pool in San Antonio, there are many different builders to choose from. Virtually anyone can dig a pool. However, just because you have access to heavy machinery does not make one a pool builder. Having an expert knowledge of elevations, soil conditions, and the myriad complexity of details that arise during building a pool is a job for experts. Having successfully built a large number of residential & commercial inground pool projects, we have refined our craft over the years. This ensures a flawless and fast pool excavation for our customers.

Excavators of Inground Pools

As one of the leading inground pool excavators in San Antonio, we are often looking at projects with a difficult slope or elevation. Many of the projects we work on require a significant amount of engineering in order to ensure high-quality work. Since we are not a “cookie-cutter” pool builder, our projects tend to be more high-end luxury custom pools. This means that the amount of research, design work, and engineering involved in the project means a custom-tailored pool excavation project. Getting all these aspects right and following the “measure twice / cut once” mantra ensures that your pool is dug in the right place and drains efficiently away from your home and valuable property.

Pool Excavation Experts Servicing San Antonio, TX

Pool Builders Specializing in the Excavation of Inground Pools

We don’t just dig pools, we build them. Specializing in all aspects of pool excavation and pool construction, we are a one-stop-shop when it comes to building a beautiful inground pool and outdoor living environment. Specifically, when it comes to digging pools, we provide an unparalleled pool construction experience for our clients. Our attention to detail, workman-like focus, cleanliness and respect for your property is unmatched in the industry.

“Dig Day” – Planning Your Pool Excavation

Dig day is when the dream really becomes a reality. Once the men and the trucks show up, it all suddenly becomes real. You’re getting a pool! Planning that process so that it coincides with the best and most opportune time to conduct a major construction project is an important part of building a pool. When building a pool with Element Pool Company, your project manager will coordinate all aspects of pool construction. Planning your dig day so that you can be present to make any last-minute changes and provide your approval is essential.

Building an Inground Pool is Exciting!

The building of your pool is an exciting time. On dig day, you’ll want to be there to take pictures and maybe record some video for before & after shots of what your backyard looked like before excavation happened and after. Pool excavation is a noisy, commotion-filled day with laborers streaming in and out of your yard. Tons of heavy machinery will be brought in to dig the pool area. Customers with children often want them around to witness the process and that’s fine. However, your project manager will advise on how much interaction they can have on dig day. They will also give you instructions on safely navigating your yard which for all intents and purposes will be an active construction site during the duration of your project.

Performing Pool Excavation in San Antonio, TX
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Pool Construction FAQ

Before the excavation of your pool, we’ll handle getting all permits and approvals necessary to dig and build a pool in your backyard. Once this critical step in the process is completed, your pool designer will layout the precise area for your swimming pool, spa, utility lines, and where the various backyard amenities will go. During this step you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on where things should go and dial in the precise layout of where your pool will go.

Upon receiving your approval to dig, we will bring in an excavator; typically a bobcat or similar commercial digging equipment. In order to do this heavy machinery must be brought into the yard. This may involve taking down part of your fence or transporting an excavator across various portions of your lawn. During this process sprinkler heads, irrigation and other lawn components may be damaged unless a proper plan in put in place to mitigate that from occurring. Working with your pool designer ahead of time to plan exactly how heavy equipment can be brought in and out of the yard will help limit the cost of repairs to your lawn & fence later on.

A constant parade of workmen will be in your yard that day digging and working to shape the pool area. All of our employees are courteous, professional and respectful of our customers property. How we park and our communication with the community we serve is important. Prior to dig day, we’ll hang door hangers that say “Excuse The Dust” and let your neighbors know you’re digging a pool.

Most pool excavations typically take a day to perform. Our main goal is to get in and out of the yard with all of the heavy equipment in one day. It is very expensive to operate a bobcat for multiple days so we do our level best to ensure that the pool excavation process is as short a process as possible. All of the aspects related to digging the pool will be worked out in the engineering phase of pool planning. Excavators will know well ahead of time what they are doing and where they are digging, they’ll also be prepped prior to dig day on all the unique specifications of the job they are performing.

With that said, from time to time we encounter challenging soil conditions where there is a large amount of solid rock present that would necessitate a multiple-day dig. Conducting a soils report on your backyard prior to excavation is the best method to ensure that this does not occur. Knowing you’re in for a 2-day dig is better than not knowing. Avoiding the surprise of additional expenses you may incur is always a good idea.

Yards with limited access to bring in heavy equipment may necessitate using a mini-digger which is basically a scaled-down version of a bobcat. A mini-digger uses a conveyor belt system to remove dirt from the yard and is obviously a longer process than using a standard size excavator. This approach frequently takes longer than one day to complete as well. Your pool designer will let you know ahead of time if your project necessitates using a mini-digger.

You 100% need to be there on dig day. It’s important for you to be there on the day of excavation to sign off on exactly where you want the pool to be. Some customers opt to make last-minute changes once they see the pool area laid out in spray paint. We avoid conducting pool excavation unless the homeowner is present to provide approvals on where we are digging.

While many pool builders work with owner/builders we do not. The insurance liability of completing a pool someone else has excavated simply presents too many obstacles for us. We will only work on pools we have excavated ourselves to our exact engineering specifications. This helps us avoid the pitfalls that comes from “fixing” digs. All of the pools we work on we dig ourselves, we do not rent out pool excavation equipment.

From Excavation to Completion

Before You Schedule a Consultation

Element Pool Company specializes in pool excavation, however, we only perform this service for customers who are building their swimming pool with us. If you do not already have a pool builder, please feel free to contact us about your pool project.

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