San Antonio Pool Installation

San Antonio Pool Installation

San Antonio Pool Installation professionals Element Pool Company are the pool contractors of choice in Bexar County. Homeowners in the local area rely on us for our knowledge and expertise in the field of pool construction. Our reputation as a leading design firm specializing in the installation of custom gunite inground pools continues to grow in the San Antonio market. We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled pool installation experience for our discerning customers.

One of the Leading San Antonio Pool Installers

We’re one of the leading San Antonio Pool Installers as reported by and have built a reputation for providing outstanding installation work and unmatched customer service and support. Throughout the life cycle of your pool, long after you’re swimming, we continue to support and warranty our pool installation work and equipment. This is one of the #1 differentiating factors that make us a top pool installer in the local area.

San Antonio Gunite Pools - Inground Pool Installation

Planning a Pool Installation Project

When planning a pool installation project, it’s important to factor in the many different aspects that will impact pool construction. Before you ever schedule your pool installation, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the entire pool installation process and everything that it entails. This will make planning your swimming pool installation easier. Consider consulting with one of our pool installation experts in order to budget for the swimming pool you plan to build.

Things to consider before planning a pool installation:
  • Size, shape, and style of pool you want to build.
  • Features and amenities you plan to add on to your pool.
  • The overall budget you have in mind for your pool project.

We’re The Local San Antonio Pool Installation Experts

The Pool Installation Process

It’s important to have a good understanding of the pool installation process before you decide whether or not to build a pool. Building a pool is a major construction project almost akin to building a home. For weeks or months (depending on the complexity of your project) your backyard will become an active construction site. We advise you to do your homework and find out what you are in store for before you choose to build a pool.

Consulting With a Pool Builder

As one of the leading pool builders in San Antonio, we frequently consult with homeowners on building their dream backyard. Consulting with a pool installation expert who specializes in the construction of custom pools is always a wise choice. Consequently, when it comes to high-quality workmanship, going with a vetted and trusted company that has a track record for industry-recognized pool installation work is important. With Element Pool Company you have the assurance of professional journeyman installers who follow the highest standards in the industry.

Why Choose Element Pool Company For Your Pool Installation?

Finding out as much as you can about the pool installation process is important. We want to help you understand what is involved. Let us help you decide what type of pool to build and what features and amenities it will have. Allow our experts to guide you to a better understanding of the pool installation process and what it entails. A one-on-one consultation with a design expert can answer many of the questions regarding your swimming pool project.

Pool Installation FAQ

Installing a pool involves major renovation of your backyard. A non-stop parade of tradesmen and heavy machinery will be moving in and out of your yard for weeks, possibly months. This is why many homeowners who are planning a pool installation do so before making other major renovations in the backyard. It’s always a bad idea to spend thousands of dollars on landscaping only to have to destroy your lawn to bring in an excavator to dig the pool.

Planning your pool installation will involve consulting with an expert who can make the process as streamlined as possible. Involving a pro from the very outset will keep you from making costly mistakes that can wind up making your pool installation take longer and cost more than it has to. It’s one of the biggest reasons why homeowners who are looking to have a pool installation done often make us their point people.

Whether working with the homeowner directly or consulting with architects and landscape architects who immerse us in the pool installation aspect of the project, we provide expert advice and support. As one of the leading installers of residential inground pools in the San Antonio area, we pride ourselves on offering high quality workmanship. Consult with us before beginning your pool installation project.

If you’re concerned about whether your backyard is large enough to accommodate a pool, odds are good you may be a candidate for a “spool” or small pool. A smaller-sized perimeter pool can often be built in a smaller backyard and in some cases even alongside the house. Consult with one of our pool installation experts who will measure your yard and tell you how big a pool can be built. We’ll assess the layout and elevation of your yard to see whether or not you can install a swimming pool.

If you live in a community, determining whether or not you can build a pool starts with checking with your local homeowner’s association. Your HOA may have specific rules and requirements for building a pool. Since we are one of the leading pool installers in San Antonio we have experience with navigation HOA approvals and permitting and can help guide you through that process.

We are one of the leading installers of gunite inground pools. A leading builder of custom pools in the San Antonio region, we specialize in the construction of residential and commercial swimming pools throughout the local area. We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled pool installation experience for our customers.

We aren’t focused on pool remodeling and renovation work at this time. New pool construction is the core of our business. A custom pool builder, we only focus on gunite inground pools. We do not build fiberglass or vinyl liner pools, nor do we build above-ground pools. Our expertise is in the construction of inground pools and spas.

There are many different facets involved with an inground pool installation. Learn as much as you can about the process before you start. Our expert pool builders are here to answer all of your questions. Some of the most important ones to focus on before beginning a pool installation project are:

  • How big a pool can I build and how much pool can I afford?
  • What features and equipment will I use in my pool?
  • How long will pool installation take and what are the phases of construction?
  • What is covered and not covered by the builder?
  • How do I communicate with my builder throughout the project?
  • Who works with me on the design of my pool?
  • What work is warranted after construction?

Your pool design consultant will answer all of these questions and more during the initial consultation. You probably have a laundry list of questions prepared for your pool builder to answer. Having a one-on-one meeting with a pool installation expert will ensure that you walk away with a complete understanding of exactly what is involved.

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Before You Schedule an Estimate

Element Pool Company specializes in the installation of gunite inground swimming pools. We do not build above ground or vinyl liner or fiberglass pools. If you are looking for an estimate on a concrete inground pool, feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

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