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San Antonio Pool Remodeling leaders Element Pool Company are the pool builders of choice for residential and commercial pool construction. Specializing in the remodeling and renovation of inground pools, we’re the licensed and insured pool contractors of choice in the local area. As a leading design/build firm, we provide the expert planning and engineering of swimming pools & spas throughout Bexar county. Recognized industry professionals in the field of pool construction, we are a reliable and trusted partner for builders and landscape architects and the consultant of record on many pool renovation projects.

Pool Renovation in San Antonio

When it comes to renovating a pool in San Antonio, there are many different builders to choose from. Virtually anyone can dig a pool. However, just because you have access to heavy machinery does not make one a pool builder. Having expert knowledge of pool engineering, various trades like plumbing, electrical, tile, etc. and the complexity of details that arise during the renovation of a pool is a job for experts. Having successfully built a large number of residential & commercial inground pool projects, we have refined our craft over the years. This ensures a flawless and fast pool renovation project for our customers.

Remodeling of Inground Pools

As one of the leading pool remodeling companies in San Antonio, we are often looking at projects where customers are looking to transform their swimming pool. This may mean making a pool larger or smaller, transforming its shape, or adding new features and amenities. Since we are not a “cookie-cutter” pool builder, our projects tend to be more high-end luxury custom pools. This means that the amount of research, design work, and engineering involved in the project means a custom-tailored pool renovation project. Getting all these aspects right and following the “measure twice / cut once” mantra ensures that your pool is remodeled properly and that there are no unforeseen delays in construction.

Pool Remodeling Experts Servicing San Antonio, TX

Pool Builders Specializing in the Renovation of Inground Pools

We don’t just build pools, we also renovate and remodel them. Specializing in all aspects of pool renovation and pool construction, we are a one-stop-shop when it comes to building a beautiful inground pool and outdoor living environment. Specifically, when it comes to remodeling pools, we provide an unparalleled pool construction experience for our clients. Our attention to detail, workman-like focus, cleanliness and respect for your property is unmatched in the industry.

Planning Your Pool Renovation

No matter how you’re looking to transform your existing pool, we can help. Planning your pool renovation project is actually quite similar to building a new pool. We’ll do a thorough assessment of your existing pool and conduct a fact finding appointment to learn exactly how you are looking to change and renovate your pool. Some remodeling projects are easy while others can be vastly more complex. Whether we are performing small upgrades or transforming the entire backyard, we’ll want to establish a budget ro renovation, a list of desired upgrades you’re looking to make, and learn as much as we can about your pool as possible.

Performing Pool Renovation

Many people don’t realize that pool remodeling can be a very similar process to building a pool, this is especially true if demolition or new construction of structures is required. You’ll still be dealing with permitting, planning, and the actual day-to-day construction process going on in your backyard. However, typically the process for pool renovation is a much faster turn around time than building a new pool. Some of the most common renovations we perform are adding on a hot tub, increasing or decreasing the size of a pool, adding on water features or fire features, and upgrading pool equipment. How long your pool renovation project takes really is based on what upgrades or changes you’re looking to make.

Pool Construction Checklist - Preparing for Building a Pool
Greater San Antonio Builders Association

Pool Remodeling FAQ

The time it takes to remodel an inground swimming pool can vary greatly based on the scope of the project and the size of the pool. On average, a minor remodel of a standard-sized pool may take 3-4 weeks, while a major remodel or renovation could take 3-4 months or longer.

We do a variety of pool remodeling and renovation work, including: making pools bigger or smaller, changing the depth, adding new equipment and features, changing the shape of the pool, installing new tile and coping, applying new plaster, and installing a new interior finish.

In most cases, you will need a permit for remodeling an inground swimming pool. Building codes and regulations vary by location, but typically a permit is required for any work that involves structural changes or the installation of new equipment, such as a heater or a pool deck. Before starting your remodel project, we’ll check with your local building department to determine the specific requirements and obtain the necessary permits.

You may want to consider remodeling your pool when:

  1. It is showing signs of wear and tear, such as cracks in the plaster or tiles, or leaks in the equipment.
  2. You want to update its appearance or add new features, such as a spa or a water feature.
  3. Your family’s needs have changed, and you want to reconfigure the pool or make it more accessible.
  4. Your pool equipment is outdated and in need of replacement.
  5. Your pool is not meeting your current needs, such as being too small or not deep enough.

It is also important to consider the age of your pool and the condition of its components when deciding whether to remodel. In general, pools over 20 years old may be in need of more extensive renovations or replacements.

Pool Remodeling & Renovation Professionals in San Antonio

Before You Schedule a Consultation

Element Pool Company specializes in pool excavation, however, we only perform this service for customers who are building their swimming pool with us. If you do not already have a pool builder, please feel free to contact us about your pool project.

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