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What to Know Before Building a Pool

What could be more enjoyable on a hot summer day than lounging by the pool? It’s hard to top the ease and seclusion of having your own private paradise right in your backyard. And a pool party is always a good time, and your own pool is always available. Building a pool of your own is a great luxury, and acquiring one is less difficult than you thought. But before you go calling around for estimates from builders, be sure you’ve done your homework. There are a lot of options to consider when it comes to pools, from where to put them to how often to clean them.

What to Know Before Building a Pool Here’s what to know before building a pool in your backyard.

Consider your budget

Most of the decisions you’ll have to make while designing and building a pool will be motivated by your budget. Some parts of the project may cost more than you anticipated, even if you have a large budget. Before doing anything else, establish a budget to weigh what is possible instead of wasting time on possibilities that are out of your price range.

Pool size and location

The possible size of your pool area depends on the size of your outdoor space. The backyard slope is another factor to consider. One way to make use of a hillside in your backyard is to install an infinity pool.

If the rear of your property is too small but the front and sides are large, you can use those areas better. Skilled use of partitions, vegetation, deck covers, stonework, and other elements can help a pool contractor create a lovely and private sanctuary in your front yard. This is a place where you can relax and enjoy your new pool.

Research local zoning laws

Building a pool in your backyard can affect the building’s framework. As a result, zoning laws become relevant. Laws pertaining to liability and maintenance are two examples. In the event that complying with these regulations makes the construction and maintenance of a pool impossible, you may end up abandoning the plan.

Choosing the pool type

Your pool’s design has most likely already been meticulously planned. Because of this, you probably haven’t given much thought to the fact that there are various types of pools. Unfortunately, there may be structural problems and financial constraints with the one you have in mind.

Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl are the most common pool-building materials. It takes a lot more time and effort to construct a concrete pool, but the results are worth it. But they will hold up better over time than the alternatives.


Think about including the pool’s surrounding landscape in the conversation. It will affect the design of your pool, the size and cost of materials, and any permits you may require. Landscaping is an essential part of any pool construction project. This is because it improves the finished product’s aesthetic value. It also maintains a sense of continuity with the surrounding natural environment.

Special features

The goal of any pool’s water features and lighting is to increase its pleasure. You can choose from features like volleyball nets, basketball hoops, and swim-up bars. Also, consider more unique additions like underwater chairs and shallow beach-style entryways. An automatic pool safety cover is another practical option for keeping an unattended pool safe.

Sanitation system

The sanitation system, including whether you want a mineral, saltwater, or chlorine system, should be decided upon after you establish the pool’s size, depth, and shape. Chlorine-based systems have been the standard in swimming pools for many years. This is due to their low maintenance requirements and low cost. Add chlorine and other potentially irritating chemicals to the pool on a regular basis. Make sure you closely monitor the chemical levels. There has been a rise in minerals’ popularity in recent years. It’s a more practical choice because of the water’s calming effects and the little maintenance it needs.

What to Know Before Building a Pool Request an initial design in 3D

If you hire a professional that specializes in building pools, they can give you a 3D design of what the pool will look like once it’s built. Using this perspective, you can make better selections, delete unnecessary parts, and alter certain aspects. Even if you’re torn between two or three different models, the 3D design will help you settle on the best option. Building a pool in your backyard will be hassle-free.

Choose your pool contractor wisely

Choosing a builder who will construct your pool safely, in accordance with laws, and on a budget is as important as it is when constructing a new home. Find a reliable builder by asking for recommendations from people you know and trust. They will tell it like it is, whether they had a good or poor experience. To select a reliable builder, it’s also a good idea to interview several candidates and ask them questions about their experience. Make sure the contractor you choose is insured, and inquire about any warranties they may offer.

Ready to learn about building a pool?

Thanks to Element Pools’ seasoned staff, building a pool can be smooth. We can build you a beautiful pool in your backyard that fits all of your specifications. We’ll ensure it stays put in the right place, blending in with the rest of your house while still giving you the seclusion you seek. Contact us today!

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