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Benefits of Building a Pool in 2022

What Your Pool Builder Won’t Tell You

There is a lot to keep track of when you’re building a swimming pool and your builder won’t tell you everything. Competition in the pool market can lead to pool builders looking for ways to lower the total cost of the job and many resort to cut-throat tactics.

The following secrets about pool construction should be reviewed before moving in the pool installation process, regardless of whether you’ve just started thinking about getting one installed or are about to sign your contract. Making an educated buying decision can save you headaches and heartache later on.

What Your Pool Builder May Be Afraid To Tell You

When building a swimming pool, there are numerous considerations to keep in mind. There are extra costs and obligations that you will incur in the future, long after construction is complete, these are the subject of today’s discussion.

What Your Pool Builder Won't Tell You

There are a laundry list of things to look out for when building a pool, today we’re discussing just a few of the hurdles that can jeopardize your pool construction project.

5 Things to Know About Pool Excavation

For those who want a long-lasting, good-quality pool, don’t settle for a cheap one built by the lowest bidder. You may be able to save some money and time in the short term, but in the long term, this is a prescription for disaster.

Not All Pools Are Built Equally

It’s a fact – some pool builders are just better than others. Here at Element Pool Company our top-rated pool construction company is largely referral based for the gunite pools we build for our discerning clientele.

Let’s face it; concrete is the strongest and longest-lasting material for inground pools. Vinyl liner and fiberglass pools can be built well, but will never even come close to a concrete’s long-term durability, especially in the San Antonio heat.

Concrete pools are not all created equal. Even these types of pools can be built with low-quality materials by pool builders who are looking to save a few dollars. Using subpar concrete or rebar may be a tactic employed by some. Excavation may be rushed by others.

Warning Signs & Red Flags

In a largely referral-based business, most pool builders do the majority of their work via word-of-mouth. If your pool builder won’t provide you with references and gives a sketchy answer when you ask them for some clients that can offer a referral, this is a major red flag. While some high-end pool builders sign non-disclosure agreements prohibiting them from mentioning who their clients are, the vast majority should be able to at least provide you with a list of satisfied customers.

What to Know Before Building a Pool

Beware of Review That Look a Little “Too Good”

Some pool builders have a ridiculously large amount of reviews that are just impossible to achieve. Be skeptical when reading online review portals as not all of the information there may be accurate. Some pool installation companies have been known to purchase reviews and use unscrupulous tactics when it comes to asking for reviews.

Are The Projects Real?

Many pool builders without a track record for successful pool construction projects use stock photography to represent their body of work. Make certain your pool builder is using images that represent their most recent body of work. If the projects on their website look like they haven’t been built in San Antonio, or the images look a little too perfect, odds are good that the pool builder may be using stock photos.

Bait & Switch Tactics To Beware Of

Certain high-end materials and finishes may be replaced with lesser ones by builders. If this is the case, your contractor should inform you and, if possible, reimburse you for the difference in cost. If a contractor decides to utilize lower-quality materials without first getting the owner’s OK, it could lead to a bait-and-switch approach.

To ensure that your pool contractor has the freedom to make major substitutions without contacting you, you should thoroughly review any contract before signing it. Visiting the construction site on a regular basis to observe how things are progressing, requesting invoices for supplies purchased, or requesting photos, video, or other proof of the materials they’re utilizing are all options.

Any requirements you have for your contractor should be spelled out in writing in the contract. This is the only way to guarantee that the provisions are enforceable in court of law.

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