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Why Austin Texas Gunite Pool Builders Love Gunite

A backyard pool is one of the biggest purchases you can make for your house. You’ll have to make important decisions about how you entertain and the value of your property as a result of this, and we’re here to help. Our professional gunite pool builders in San Antonio, Texas are here to help you make the best staycation ever.

Why San Antonio Texas Gunite Pool Builders Love GuniteWhat is gunite, and why should my new San Antonio pool be built with it?

In the pool construction industry, gunite is a common building material. Builders spray it into a mold with a mixture of cement and sand. Gunite is sprayed or poured over a rebar framework to create the pool’s basic shape.

Gunite is a good choice for a new pool because it is extremely durable and is ideal for building almost any form. Our gunite pool builders provide a wide range of design options, which makes this a better option than others.

Choose Element Pools as your gunite pool builders

As a pool builder, Element Pools can also handle the full project, from the design phase to the final finish, when you call them to create a gunite pool. Dealing with many builders to install a single backyard is no longer necessary, thanks to our company. We’ve built an incredible team of gunite pool builders for the highest-quality projects.

Gunite Pools: The Reasons We Love Them

There is nothing better than having a pool in your backyard. A pool transforms your backyard, whether you’re taking a dip, lounging by the poolside, or hosting a BBQ with friends. The first step in getting a new pool is deciding on the type, and for skilled gunite pool builders, gunite is an obvious material choice.

On-Site Application

Pool professionals can install a gunite pool on-site as a concrete application of that material. With fiberglass, you’ll have to wait for the product to be made elsewhere before its delivery. Constructing a gunite pool in your own backyard is more convenient.


An 8-to-12-week time frame is typical for a gunite pool to be built, although it might vary based on state and municipal inspection requirements. Element Pools lay out contract conditions, deadlines, and duties of all parties in your contract. As soon as we begin working with you on the design of your new pool, we will ensure that this is the greatest experience possible for you.

Applied in Pieces

Because the entire pool does not have to be placed in a single pass, gunite application gives more leeway in terms of timing. Because the gunite method makes for a smooth bond, the contractor can add more concrete if needed after the first coating.

Interior Gunite Finish

Finish options include tile, glass bead, colored plaster, white plaster, painting, polished marble, and pebble aggregate. You can also choose from a range of finish options. Swimwear and skin may get scratched by textured finishes. Adding benches, bars, steps, and bar stools to a gunite pool gives you the freedom to customize it to match your house’s style and personality.

Long-lasting Pools

Gunite pools are extremely long-lasting. Instead of draining and re-filling the pool, you may spend more time swimming and less time worrying about expensive repairs because the concrete shell is more durable.

Gunite pools have a long lifespan because of the high quality of the material. These pools are the most durable and have the best warranties of all the inground pool options now on the market. Consider this when evaluating the higher cost of these types of pools. With a Gunite pool, you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Liner Isn’t Required

Because a pool liner is not a must for a gunite pool, it is less likely to need expensive repairs in the future. Liner issues can necessitate a total replacement, so removing the liner means removing a major headache.

Why San Antonio Texas Gunite Pool Builders Love GuniteShape and design that complements your landscape

Gunite pools are available in any size or shape. This means that you can get exactly the pool you need for your outdoor area. Instead of changing your yard to make room for a pool, you could make your pool fit in with the rest of your landscaping.

Hire our San Antonio, Texas gunite pool builders today!

Our professional gunite pool builders can help you design your new gunite pool if you’re ready to bring the fun of a pool to your backyard. Start now, and you’ll be soaking up the sun poolside before you know it.

Element Pools’ gunite pool builders professionals will make sure your pool is built to blend in with the natural contours of your property. Our design and construction crews are cost-aware and detail-oriented. Element Pools has a team of pool installers who can design and build the pool of your dreams. The sooner you contact us, the better.

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